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Can Matrix Products Be Used to Prevent Viral Infections?

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Hypertension: What to Do If Drug Treatment Is Unable to Keep Blood Pressure Stable?

Hypertension, or arterial hypertension, which is more accurate, is one of the most widely spread cardiovascular diseases.

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Electromagnetic Smog – Is There a Way to Protect Ourselves?

Human body has electromagnetic nature. Physical human body generates electromagnetic field and is supported thereby like any other kind of matter. Impact of technogenic fields causes disturbance of electromagnetic structure of human body, which inevitably results in further pathological changes of physical body.

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Talk About Cholesterol – to Reduce or not to Reduce High Cholesterol, Do We Need Low-Cholesterol Diet?

Cholesterol is believed to be the world’s number one enemy nowadays, even though a few decades ago it was thought to be of little significance.

If cholesterol is an enemy, we should fight it.

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How to Deal with Back or Joints Pain?

Back pain or joint pain is one of the most common reasons for seeking medical treatment. Degenerative-dystrophic spine and joint disorders are quite common, particularly among senior population.

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Sun Allergy, how to Cope with This Problem?

It is important to realize that sun rays themselves are not allergens, however, when exposed thereto some organisms may start to accumulate substances, causing allergic reactions.

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Use of Matrix Products for Office Syndrome

Today office manager profession has become quite common. At the same time the problem of the so called office syndrome has become highly relevant.

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Electromagnetic Smog and Health of Office Managers. Protection Through Aires Devices

Many researches, which have been so far conducted in Russia and other countries, confirm negative impact of technogenic electromagnetic field on biological organism.

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Vision Impairment and Blindness. Use of Health Matrix Products for Prevention and treatment

Main data (according to WHO)

Globally, approximately 285 mln people suffer from vision impairment, 45 mln of them are blind, while 246 mln have impaired eyesight.

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Use of Health Matrix Products for Bones Fractures

Studies have been conducted to identify influence of matrix applicators on fracture union time in children and teenagers, on restoration of microcirculation in damaged tissues, possibility to prevent suppurative complications, processes of rehabilitation in patients with severe injuries.

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