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Everyone is talking about the coronavirus today. All media and internet resources are pouring down a huge amount of the coronavirus information on us, therefore incessantly increasing the number of people, driven by fear and panic. There are no more face masks and antiviral drugs available in pharmacies, shelves of grocery stores are becoming empty. Great number of people are under stress. And what happens to a person with stress? It causes deterioration of the immune system and greater likelihood of a disease development. However, it is well known that there always were people, who helped others while being in a center of an epidemic, but they would not get sick themselves. Such people had good immune status, they did not panic and were not scared of catching the disease.

Can you use matrix products to support your immune system? The clear answer to this is yes, you can and you should.

The general biological definition of health is that it is a balanced unity of metabolic processes between the human body and the environment, coordinated metabolism process inside the human body, which is reflected in optimum life sustenance of human organs and systems. Resonance biocorrection (RBC) method is the key to harmonization.

According to the current state of scientific knowledge, any matter has electromagnetic nature. Any ordered material structure generates electromagnetic field and is supported thereby. The biological organism obeys the same laws. A relative synchronization of various oscillatory (wave) processes is maintained in a healthy person with normal physiological functions.

Maintenance and restoration of wave processes synchronization helps to prevent all kinds of diseases, including infectious ones.

The RBC method implies harmonization of the organism’s functions, using the most optimum algorithm by means of passive transformation of both inside radiation, emitted by the body and external radiation, emitted by the environment.

All matrix products carry a topology design – annular diffraction grating (ADG), performing coherent transformation of intrinsic electromagnetic radiation, emitted by the biological organism, and radiation, emitted by the environment, in a wide wavelength band. Coherent transformation of electromagnetic radiation, emitted by the human body, triggers further harmonization of electrochemical processes, which is reflected in normalization of various functional parameters, including immunological indicators.

The following products are the most convenient in use for prevention of diseases.

  1. AIRES matrix applicators (marketing authorization of the Federal Health Care Supervisory Agency (Roszdravnadzor) No ФСР 2010/06904).
  2. Aires-Relax band with Aires Black Crystal or Aires headdress with Aires Black Crystal – they facilitate restoration of the central nervous system balance, muster the regulatory and restorative function thereof, thus helping to overcome stress situations.
  3. Glasses with protective optical filters also help to cope with stress situations.
  4. Aires Defender Infinity – an efficient means of human protection against anthropogenic radiation and a highly efficient resonance biocorrector for a biological organism.
  5. AIRES jewelry – earrings, pendants, they protect from external radiation, simultaneously serving as means of resonance biocorrection.
  6. Aires AquaCluster Magnetр water structurizer optimizes structural and information state of water. Water gets properties of natural spring water. Daily intake of structurized water is an efficient means of infectious diseases prevention.

If symptoms of a viral or bacterial infection appear, matrix applicators are to be applied as early as possible according to the advanced C scheme, i.e. to enhance application on filtering organs (liver, kidneys), on immune system organs (spleen, thymus – breast area). Put not one, but five applicators on projections of the above-mentioned organs crosswise. For better lymph efflux put the applicators on projections of lymph nodes in submandibular space and on the neck area. Since there is a high risk of pneumonia development in case of the coronavirus infection, put the applicators on the right and left sides of the chest, as well as on the front and on the back of the chest in the interscapular area symmetrically and crosswise or apply matrix cloths.

It should be noted that no special studies on use of AIRES matrix applicators against infections had been performed at the time when Roszdravnadzor issued the marketing authorization (No ФСР 2010/06904). However, during more than 20 years of matrix products use we have accumulated a large number of clinical observations, confirming positive influence of the products against both viral and bacterial infections. If matrix products are used at an early stage, it is possible to arrest the acute infection in a day. Matrix products are excellent means of first aid.

(S.P. Lapina, MD, Ph.D. (Medicine))