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The Aires Microprocessors are manufactured using a photomasking etching process. The manufacturing process uses state of the art Microlithography equipment. The etched nano-slits contain up to 1185921 circular resonators that are made to the exact width specifications of 0.4 microns and depth of 0.8 microns. These slits are more than 200 times smaller than the average width of a human hair, which is 100 microns.

The topological circuit of the Aires patented microprocessor’s resonator antenna accumulates charges. A cell phone’s or other electronic device’s “electromagnetic impulse generator” serves as the source of these charges. When an excess charge (polarization) has built up, it is automatically redistributed to the Aires microprocessor, which uses the charge to cause a coherent transformation of the field in the form of a hologram – made up of regularly alternating maxima and minima. The hologram interacts with external radiation, restructuring and transforming the EMF haze into a more biologically-compatible form, thus reducing the conflict between the external radiation and the radiation from the human body’s cells.

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