Sun Allergy, how to Cope with This Problem?

It is important to realize that sun rays themselves are not allergens, however, when exposed thereto some organisms may start to accumulate substances, causing allergic reactions.

A long-awaited summer has come, people in many regions of our country have already experienced the heat wave.

But as usual a new season may bring new problems. One of them is the so called sun allergy. According to medical statistics, number of registered sun allergy cases increases every year.

People with blond hair, pale skin, young children, people with recent tattoo or those, who have undergone peeling procedure recently, pregnant women, men and women, using a solarium, are a group at risk.

Taking of medications is one of the factors, contributing to sun allergy occurrence. It may be manifested as photosensitivity to drugs when exposed to the sun or phototoxic action of the drug.

Photosensitivity upon exposure to the sun can develop to many drugs, such as antibiotics, pain-killers and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, diuretics, oral contraceptives, sleeping aids, antidepressants and even antihistamines. Drugs may contain photosensitizers or photoreactive agents. Sun light just triggers reaction of some allergens.

The following medications have phototoxic action: Tetracycline antibiotic, Cordarone for arrhythmia treatment, Isotretionin for acne treatment. Their administration makes skin more sensitive to sunlight, which contributes to sun burns.

Traditional medicine suggests use of desensitizing drugs to treat sun allergy, however, they do not solve the problem, just relieve some unpleasant symptoms, in particular, itch. Besides, there may be allergy to these drugs too.

Skin specialists prescribe hormone ointments for topical use and synthetical analogues of corcticosteroids for internal use, such as Polcortolon (synthetical analogue of prednisolone). However, these drugs may cause severe complications. At the same time the patient has to stop taking the drug, causing allergy, which is not always possible.

For example, joint and spine pathologies are particularly common among senior population. Such patients have to take pain-killers and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs for rather extended periods of time in some cases. How could they deal with pain syndrome, drastically decreasing quality of life?

This might be a very good reason to have a look at non-conventional ways of health recovery. AIRES matrix products could be a solution of the problem.

Russian scientists have developed the method of health restoration subject to electromagnetic nature of human body and physical principles of resonance.

Physical human body generates electromagnetic field and is supported thereby like any other kind of matter. A healthy organism maintains all oscillatory (wave) processes relatively synchronized. In case of pathologic conditions disturbance of oscillatory harmony is observed. Such disturbance inevitably leads to disruption of main physiological processes rhythms. The most efficient way of human functional state correction is use of coherently transformed intrinsic electromagnetic radiation. All matrix products have a topology designs; according to principle of passive resonance, upon placement of a matrix applicator or any other matrix product on bio-active points and areas, as well as on projections of internal organs, there occurs coherent transformation of intrinsic electromagnetic radiation of human body. As a result, cells of human body via the feedback receive a relevant reminder and are ready to correct their own interconnections, which leads to normalization of numerous functional, biochemical, rheological, immunological values and psychoemotional state.

Matrix products have been in clinical use for more than 20 years and they have proved to be very effective in treatment of various pathological conditions. Studies in patients with fractures and disorders of musculoskeletal system showed positive pain-relieving effect. Thus is a good alternative to pain-killers and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Use of matrix products contributes to normalization of immunological status and decreases predisposition of organism to allergies, restores normal sleep, thus enabling to discard hypnotic agents. Functioning of internal organs, such as kidneys, improves and urine output increases without administration of diuretics. Adaptive capability of the human organism and therefore resistance to stress increases.

Unlike medicines, matrix products have no side effects, have virtually no counterindications, can be used at any age and are affordable.

S.P. Lapina, Orthopedist, PhD (Medicine)

I graduated from the Leningrad Pediatric Medical Institute in 1968. I worked in the Krupskaya Children’s Hospital (which is now called St. Mary Magdalene Children’s Hospital) as a pediatric surgeon for a period of five years. At first I was a hospital surgeon, subsequently I became the head of the department. In 1973 I finished the medical residency in pediatric surgery. In 1977 I defended my PhD thesis. I have a doctorate degree in Medicine, I am Board Certified in surgery. In the subsequent 25 years I worked at the faculty of children’s surgery of Saint Petersburg Pavlov Medical University. I have worked with matrix products for 20 years. I conducted research on the influence of matrix applicators on bone healing in children and teenagers and I published a scientific paper based on the results obtained. I have a vast experience of clinical observations, confirming a positive influence of matrix products on various medical conditions.