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Electromagnetic Smog – Is There a Way to Protect Ourselves?

Now, probably, everybody knows that we are surrounded by very aggressive environment. Only the lazy would not raise the issue of chemical pollution of the environment, quality of water and food, that often contain more harmful additives than beneficial substances, etc. However, not everyone knows about the increasingly important problem of electromagnetic fields, affecting human organisms, in particular, technogenic electromagnetic smog. Our apartments, offices, where we work, are heavily loaded with various appliances, generating electromagnetic radiation. Add to that widely spread personal mobile communications, wireless internet, high-voltage lines, electrical means of transport. We are actually surrounded by electromagnetic smog. Invisibility of this enemy makes it especially dangerous. Inhabitants of metropolises are particularly affected. A biological organism is unable to adapt to technogenic radiation spontaneously, as it has no relevant adaptation mechanisms.

Thus AIRES New Medical Technologies Development Foundation conducted researches of cell phone impact on human brain. EEG showed that 10-minute-long talk over the phone was followed by appearance of an area of serious brain disorder. 10 minutes only! And how much time over the phone do spend office workers, businessmen. And what about our children, almost all of them have mobile phones, they can talk with their friends and play games on their telephones for hours.

Clearly, our life with all household appliances, mobile phones we have is quite comfortable. We have also mentioned earlier that electromagnetic smog is an invisible enemy, therefore we do not give a second thought to the danger that threatens us.

What should we do? Go on living in comfort and destroy our health, shorten our life. Many of us live this way, hoping that they will be spared (we just roll the dice). No, we will not be spared.

Until recently there has been no actual protection against electromagnetic radiation, emitted by household appliances, computer equipment, cell phones. Only to date we got a chance to settle the existing controversy between harm of low coherence electromagnetic radiation and need to use technical means, emitting such a radiation.

Scientific Production Association AIRES TECHNOLOGIES, LLC offers a range of products, specially designed for protection from technogenic electromagnetic radiation. All products have a particular topology design, applied on specially selected carriers. As a result of electromagnetic field interaction with the topology design, electromagnetic field is restructurized (coherent transformation in a broad wavelength band takes place). Electromagnetic radiation is differentiated into harmonic components. The process of space and time restructurization leads to phenomenal result – coherently transformed electromagnetic radiation is converted from negative to positive factor, which beneficially influences self-regulation of physiological processes of human organism.

Which products are designed for protection from electromagnetic smog?


AIRES space and wave filter (structurizer) is a transparent sheet of polyvinylchloride film with AIRES fractal-matrix design applied thereon. There are laminated and non-laminated structurizers. They can be attached to window panes, rear windows in cars, they can also be placed under glass covers of worktables, on the monitor body, on walls, etc.

Aires Shield Neutralizer is designed to reduce adverse impact of electromagnetic radiation, emitted by electronic data transmission devices, such as cell phones, wireless phones, Bluetooth earpieces, Bluetooth headsets, computers, laptops, monitors, smart TVs, smart meters, Wi-Fi routers, etc. The topology design is applied to the silicon wafer. The principle of operation is the same: coherent transformation of electromagnetic radiation, emitted by the phone. The uniqueness of the device is that, on the one hand, it does not interfere with communications facilities, on the other hand, it allows to efficiently adjust response of human organism to electromagnetic radiation, generated by a mobile phone. Medical investigations, conducted by AIRES Foundation, revealed clear positive influence of the neutralizer on human organism, including but not limited to optimization of EEG structure.

Defender Infinity – the product for universal protection of a human organism from electromagnetic radiation. The device is made in the form of a plastic card with a topology design applied thereto. There is an improved AIRES microprocessor in the center of the card. This microprocessor provides for wide-band coherent transformation of external technogenic radiation and intrinsic electromagnetic radiation of an organism. The Defender Infinity is easy to use, it is recommended to place it in the projection of the solar plexus, you can also continuously keep it in a pocket, in a bag, put it under the pillow or at the bedside at night. Scientific researches, conducted using methods of electroencephalography, electrocardiography according to Voll, showed that use of the Defender improves a number of functional indicators of human organism, thus the Defender can be viewed as a passive physical therapy device.

Aires Defender Automotive — this device, harmonizes interaction of external electromagnetic fields with intrinsic underlying radiation of an organism, aligning parameters thereof. Thus, the Aires Defender Automotive, serving as an adapter between the environment and the object and vice versa, stabilizes functional state of an organism. The Aires Defender Automotive can be placed in any of the following areas in your car.

Aires Salus provides for stabilization of functional state of an organism, optimizing adaptive capability thereof, in particular, in conditions of intense impact of technogenic electromagnetic radiation, emitted by appliances and devices, we are surrounded by, i.e. mobile communication means, computer equipment and household appliances, mains, etc.

Aires Electromagnetic Converter is a fractal pyramidal converter, transforming wide-band electromagnetic radiation into coherent fractal field. The area of coherent transformation of background electromagnetic fields covers the area radially, the process intensity decreases inversely as the square of the distance from the converter.

The converter is designed:

  • to adjust the background radiation and ecological state of living premises,
  • to restore individual well-being of a person,
  • to optimize structural and information state of water, food,
  • to neutralize adverse impact of technogenic electromagnetic fields on human organism.

AIRES jewelry makes it possible to adjust the living system based on resonance interactions and neutralizes adverse impact of technogenic electromagnetic radiation.

S.P. Lapina, MD, Ph.D (Medicine)