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Talk About Cholesterol – to Reduce or not to Reduce High Cholesterol, Do We Need Low-Cholesterol Diet?

Fight with high cholesterol seems to have become a world-wide tradition recently. We are being asked to trust that cholesterol is the main cause of atherosclerosis and death by cardiovascular diseases.

Therefore, patients with high cholesterol are prescribed with low-cholesterol fat-free diet and are pumped with statins. Over many years pharmaceutical companies have been enriched by sale of statins, however, strange as it may seem, diet and statins failed to decrease rate of myocardial infarction and strokes as well as mortality caused thereby. Moreover, physicians are well aware that every second person with experience of myocardial infarction has a normal level of cholesterol. But mortality rates are two times higher among people with low cholesterol. What is this all about?

Constantly criticizing cholesterol like nothing else on earth, most patients have no idea that cholesterol is vitally important to the human organism. Unfortunately, many physicians forget about this too.

What kind of chemical compound is this and what is its function in the organism?

Cholesterol is a secondary mono alcohol, lipoid, that in its free form together with phospholipids makes part of cell membrane structure, providing stability thereof. Cells cannot function properly if their cell membrane is impaired.

Cholesterol is used as building material in generation of adrenal cortex hormones, male and female sex hormones, vitamin D. Liver uses cholesterol to generate biliary acids, which enter the intestinal tract, where they participate in fats assimilation.

A lot of people don’t know that cholesterol is also a type of an anti-oxidant and that it serves as a means of protection against cancer. 23% of cholesterol is stored in the brain, the central nervous system cannot function properly without it.

Reduction in cholesterol level causes sexual dysfunctions, memory disorders, Parkinson disease, suicidal ideation, aggression and, paradoxically, strokes. Cholesterol is required for proper functioning of immune system.

A little known fact is that approximately 80% of cholesterol is generated in the liver and just 20% of cholesterol is provided with food.

Lack of animal fats in food affects liver functioning. Getting no vitally important cholesterol with foodstuff, liver pools all available resources to generate its own cholesterol from available carbohydrates. Liver has to function under great stress, assuming the inappropriate function.

How does cholesterol move through the human organism? Neither fat, nor cholesterol can move in blood as free elements because fats are insolvable in water. For cholesterol to get from liver to cells, molecules thereof bind together with phospholipids and proteins. Such a structure is called lipoprotein. Lipoproteins could have different composition. If lipoproteins contain a small number of compacted cholesterol, such lipoproteins are called high-density lipoproteins (HDL). Such particles have high density and small size. If there is a large amount of cholesterol, which is covered with small number of phospholipids, such a structure has larger size and lower density. Such lipoproteins are called low-density lipoproteins (LDL). The above-mentioned types of lipoproteins have opposite functions. LDL, which is for some reason called bad cholesterol, transports cholesterol, generated in the liver, to cells. HDL transports cholesterol from cells back to the liver, which uses 80% of it to produce biliary acids. Both functions are equally important! These are the reasons why there is no bad cholesterol for the organism, even the bad cholesterol, or, scientifically speaking, low-density lipoproteins, performs functions, which are essential for the organism. Cholesterol itself is neither good, nor bad!

Cholesterol became infamous as a companion of atherosclerosis and therefore, heart attacks and strokes, a long time ago. But what is atherosclerosis? Atherosclerosis is a disease of blood vessels. With this disease builds-up of a kind – plaques appear on internal surface of arteries, while, normally, the surface of arteries should be smooth, flat and glossy. Such round or oval plaques have uneven surface and, naturally, protrude into the blood vessel cavity. This way the plaques decrease the artery diameter, thus hindering the blood flow therein. Well, cholesterol is the basis of such an atherosclerotic plaque. From this finding the scientists concluded that it is necessary to fight the enemy, i.e. cholesterol, however they overlooked many important factors. Normally, excessive cholesterol is disposed, i.e. it is returned back to the liver for reprocessing and the organism is able to control its generation depending on amount of cholesterol, supplied externally with food. But where are plaques come from then, why no one asked, why they appear, for no reasons at all or what? But no, cholesterol was announced enemy No 1 and that was all. However, many biochemists, physiologists, gerontologists do not agree with the cholesterol theory.

As far back as in the 19th c a well-known Viennese surgeon Theodor Billroth conducted interesting experiments in goats and sheep. He removed their thyroid glands, after that their cholesterol increased sharply and a typical atherosclerosis pattern developed. However, both goats and sheep are herbivore, they do not eat animal matter. Consequently, atherosclerosis was caused by lack of thyroid gland hormones.

It should also be noted that unlike men, women, generally, suffer from heart attacks and strokes at older age, during climax, when estrogens level decreases, i.e. low estrogens level also contributes to atherosclerosis development.

If arteries walls are not damaged, if they are smooth, even, glossy, there will never be cholesterol deposits thereon. Cholesterols deposits in the places, where arteries are damaged. Otherwise, a clot would appear on the damaged site. A large number of factors contribute to damage of arteries walls, e.g. high glucose and insulin level, smoking (nicotine is a factor, damaging the vessel wall), alcohol abuse. Studies, conducted i.a. by Russian specialists, have shown the role of herpetic viruses, causing inflammation of vessel walls. Autoimmune process can also be a damaging factor. Lately, still greater importance has been attached to high level of homocysteine amino acid, damaging vessel walls. Homocysteine level increases due to impairment of methionine essential amino acid metabolism, when there is insufficient level of vitamins B6, B12 and folic acid in the organism.

Thus, high cholesterol level is only a sign of inflammation in the organism, but not the cause thereof. Cholesterol is at hand to patch the holes in the organism. Cholesterol is a building material to repair damaged inner (!) vessel walls.

High cholesterol is related to the size of damaged vessels area. The more there are damaged vessels, the more cholesterol is required.

Here is one more curious fact. It has turned out that people, maintaining low-cholesterol diet, still have high cholesterol. The less animal fats the food contains, the higher cholesterol level and weight is. Improper treatment may have a sad outcome, i.e. another heart attack.

Is it really necessary to take statins, the more so as they have serious side effects? In some cases, statins might be really necessary, if there are generic causes of lipid metabolism impairment. However, the patient should agree upon this issue with his or her attending physician after detailed examination.

Here we provide the information we do not urge you to stop taking statins or any other medications. It is up to you to decide whether to take medications or to seek for other methods of health improvement.

What could patients with high cholesterol do? First of all, they should maintain a balanced healthy diet.

Diet should include all groups of products, required for proper metabolism: cereals, meet, vegetables and fruit, milk and milk products. Any mono diet cannot be healthy and does more harm than good. When somebody refuses to eat any meat, dairy products or, following recent trends, eats only cabbage and apples, with no cereals, grains, animal protein or any kind of butter, not only such a person fails to achieve the desired aim of lowering of cholesterol level, but also further contributes to progression of metabolism disorders.

As is seen from the above, to normalize lipid metabolism, prevent damage of vessel walls, it is necessary to focus efforts on normalization of immune system, thyroid gland, liver functions, to increase estrogens level, to improve gastrointestinal tract functioning.

To do this you can use hormonal drugs, vitamins and other medications. However, they may have side effects.

The problem can be solved by use of the AIRES matrix products. Russian scientists developed the method of human body functional state correction subject to electromagnetic nature thereof and based on resonance effect.

Physical human body, like any type of matter, generates electromagnetic field and is supported thereby. All wave processes of a healthy person are relatively harmonized.

In pathological states oscillatory harmony is disrupted, which inevitably results in impairment of physiological functions of human organism. This is why resonance interactions and organism systems synchronization levels are deemed of such importance nowadays. The most effective method of human functional state correction is to use intrinsic coherently transformed electromagnetic radiation. This is achieved by use of matrix applicators and other matrix products with topology design of universal harmony thereon. The result is normalization of biochemical, rheological, immunological properties and psychoemotional state. Harmonization of human electromagnetic pulses results in increase of self-regulating function. Subsequently, entropy level declines and adaptive capacity of a human organism increases. As a result, it starts to cope with its problems independently. This method is not aimed at treatment of a disease but at improvement of health on the whole.

Complex health improvement is possible. There is an opportunity to simultaneously influence on central nervous system, bio-active points and areas, internal organs and remote projections of internal organs and to protect the organism from external technogenic electromagnetic radiation, including radiation, emitted by mobile phones.

The method is safe, it has no side effects, there are virtually no side effects and it is affordable.

Over more than 20 years of the matrix products use a considerable amount of information has been collected, showing positive results of use thereof in cases of cardiovascular diseases. E.g. a patient with considerable constriction of coronary arteries was suggested a bypass surgery. Complex use of the matrix products made it possible to avoid an operation because repeated angiography showed substantially improved blood flow in coronary arteries.

However, each person, selecting a suggested way of health improvement, should understand that it is necessary to follow all rules of the matrix products complex use, i.e. to assume responsibility for his or her health.