Optic filters “RELAX”

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Indications for us

  • work, requiring strain of visual organs;
  • continuous work with video displays of any type;
  • work, requiring enhanced concentration;
  • work, connected with a high level of psychoemotional stress;
  • for emotionally sensitive persons;
  • for visually impaired persons.


Health Matrix optic filters are passive diffraction systems, capable of restructuring electromagnetic field vibrations within the optical band, resolving them into harmonic components and transforming radiation into coherent (harmonized) condition.

People acquire most part of information through the visual system, therefore, increase of consistency thereof results in the most efficient synchronization of biological processes, which is confirmed by studies of protective filters influence on functional activity of the central nervous system. They provide for synchronization and optimization of brain activity, which is manifested in stabilization of psychoemotional state, mitigation of fatigue and irritation. Application thereof facilitates efficiency of local and general remedial processes, increases organism’s adaptive capacity.

Health Matrix set of optic filters includes two borosilicate glass blanks with the applied topology design, which are to be put into the eyewear frame according to the instruction.
Conditions and diseases, which are most efficiently treated by the specific type of optic filters, are stated in the indications for use thereof.

However, if there is no recommended optic filter type available, you may use any other type. Therapeutic effect will be achieved, but it will take more time.

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