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  • prevention of joint diseases,
  • prevention of spine disorders,
  • prevention of muscles and sinews disorders,
  • prevention of nervous system diseases: neuralgia, neuritis,
  • prevention of autonomic nervous system disorders – childhood and adult neurosis,
  • prevention of diseases of peripheral vessels: obliterating endarteritis, artherosclerosis of vessels of lower extremities,
  • prevention of diseases of respiratory organs and cardiovascular system,
  • prevention of diseases of digestive system organs,
  • prevention of diseases of reproductive system.


Matrix insoles are made of high-quality extruded natural leather with an external embossed microrelief in the form of the fractal diffraction grid. The interaction of biologically active zones of feet with Ecostep insoles’ fractal diffraction grid provides for optimum redistribution of functional load of the human body’s systems, all regulatory processes are enhanced.

Regular use of Ecostep insoles has a general preventive, health-improving and harmonizing impact on the human organism.

An important additional feature of Ecostep insoles is their capacity to absorb stresses and to take a form similar to the anatomic shape of the foot. Special Dry Insole material forms a layer on the bottom side.

Two universal sizes of the insoles are offered – 40 and 46. The consumer may cut the insoles of a required size from them, using the enclosed pattern.

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Weight 0.075 kg
Dimensions 37 × 12 cm

40, 46


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