Cosmetic line Matrix of Health

In order to provide the most effective skin care, promote its protection and actively prevent aging, the leading cosmetologists of St. Petersburg, by special order and with the participation of AYRES Technologies, have developed a unique, superbly balanced cosmetic line Matrix of Health, based only on advanced technologies and developments. Our cosmetics are designed to cleanse, moisturize, nourish and protect the skin before and after using the products of Ayres applicators, cosmetic mask applicator, bandages, belts, insoles, etc., as well as for daily care, as independent cosmetics.

The Health Matrix cosmetic line contains only expensive high-quality components produced by Swiss and German companies, it harmoniously combines active ingredients of natural origin obtained by high-tech methods (pentavitin, pentaglycan, colchibine), oils and extracts of plants grown in environmentally friendly conditions. All active components complement each other and are in “working” concentrations, which is extremely important for achieving the effect and is a sign of the elitism of cosmetics.

In the process of manufacturing the Health Matrix cosmetic products, its special fractal-matrix structuring takes place using the exclusive Aires technology, which increases the degree of penetration of active components, has an additional balancing and stabilizing effect on the body through the most important human organ – the skin.

For the convenience of using the structuring properties of the packaging by the consumer, the fractal-matrix topology is applied directly to the tube with colored or transparent varnish.

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Showing all 3 results