Use of Protective Optical Filters

Users of matrix products frequently ask how to use glasses with Protective Optical Filters (POF) and which glasses to choose in case of any given disease.

17 February 2020

Contemporary life goes hand in hand with stresses, excessive psychologic and emotional activity and negative impact of man-made electromagnetic radiation. In this situation development of ways to enhance stress tolerance of the human body and the level of self-regulation thereof becomes particularly important.

In view of the above AIRES Foundation has created a one-of-a-kind product – optical diffraction gratings with fractal-matrix topology.

Health Matrix protective optical filters are passive diffraction systems, capable of restructurizing electromagnetic field oscillations in the optical band, resolving them into harmonic components and transforming radiation into coherent form.

Since people perceive most part of information via visual sensory system, enhancement of consistency thereof results in the most effective synchronization of biological processes.

Several variants of optical filters are available for the customers.

Relax – protective optical filters, particularly intended for prevention of disorders, affecting functional state of the central nervous system, vision system and organism on the whole.

Glasses with relax protective optical filters are recommended in the following cases:

  • when work implies strain of the vision system,
  • in case of continuous work in front of any type of a monitor,
  • if work requires a high level of focus,
  • if work involves high level of psychologic and emotional stress,
  • if your emotional and psychologic responses are acute,
  • if your vision is impaired.

Those, who start using Relax glasses for the first time, should increase exposure time gradually, based on the way they feel. If any unpleasant feelings (headache, dizziness) develop, you should take your glasses off and take a break. Following successful adaptation to fractal glasses, you can use them continuously, e.g. when working in front of a monitor. Relax protective optical filters are clear, therefore, the topology scheme does not interfere with work or reading once the adaptation process is completed. If a person with impaired vision needs prescription lenses, Relax glasses go on top of them.

We can offer custom-made glasses with Extra protective optical filters, which are also clear, but have denser topology.

Extra glasses facilitate intensification of the immune and central nervous systems regulatory processes and restoration of the human body self-regulation processes on the whole.

Optima – protective optical filters, particularly designed for optimization of vascular system regulatory processes.

Optima glasses are recommended in the following cases:

  • for coronary artery disease and complications thereof (during the rehabilitation period),
  • for hypertension and complications thereof,
  • for atherosclerosis of distal vessels,
  • for ophthalmological diseases.

In the Optima glasses the topology scheme is placed against the dark background, therefore they are for therapeutic use.

Optima Plus – protective optical filters with improved topology scheme, which makes it possible to reach a new level of influence on functional capabilities of the human body.

Optima Plus glasses are recommended in the following cases:

  • for prevention of functional disorders of the central nervous system,
  • for prevention of premature ageing,
  • for prevention of the immune system deterioration,
  • to remove toxic products from the body,
  • for diseases of the neuroendocrinal system,
  • for diseases of the visual organs,
  • for diseases of the cardiovascular system,
  • for diseases of internal organs.

Optima Plus glasses also have the topology scheme against the dark background, therefore, they are also for therapeutic use.

If you use glasses with protective optical filters for therapeutic purposes, be it treatment of impaired vision or disorders of the central nervous system or internal organs, it is recommended to hold 10-minute sessions in a dark room with a candle at a 70cm distance from the eyes. If the patient starts to feel discomfort during the session, stop the session and increase the duration of the session gradually until it is 10-minute long. Ultimately, it is desirable to hold as much as 6 sessions per day and conduct the sessions for 21 days with a break within a week.

Relax protective optical filters can also be used for therapeutic purposes along the same scheme, however, it will take more time to achieve the same result.

As for glasses with protective optical filters the result of use thereof will be more pronounced if the patient simultaneously takes measures for general health improvement by means of matrix products: Aires applicators according to C scheme, Aires Relax band or Aires headdress, Aires Defender Infinity and Salus, Volume resonators. Keep it in mind that disease never affects only one organ. There are always disorders in the whole organism.

It is not that important, what protective optical filters to use, it is much more important to follow recommendations with regard to the course scheme and duration.

Over 20 years of work with matrix products, including glasses with protective optical filters, we have collected many clinical observations, showing positive results of the products use for ophthalmological diseases: accelerated short-sightedness, strabismus in children, cataract, glaucoma and other diseases.

Response to treatment of the neuroendocrinal system diseases is much better when sessions with fractal glasses are held according to the same scheme as with other diseases of internal organs.

Therapeutic effect is particularly amplified when sessions with glasses, which have protective optical filters, are held for thyroid gland diseases, diabetes, pelvic organs diseases (myoma in women, prostatic gland problems in men). When glasses sessions, supplementing general schemes, are used for bioresonance correction effect, produced via the visual sensory system, impact is made on the pituitary gland, the main endocrine gland, controlling all endocrine glands in the human body.

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