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Use of Matrix Products for Cerebral Palsy

Buyers of matrix products ask if such products could be used for cerebral palsy and from what age they could be used.

Cerebral palsy is a group of pervasive disorders of motor development and posture maintaining. This causes motor defects due to damage or abnormal development of the brain in a fetus or a neonate. There is a huge number of factors (more than 400) that could have a part in cerebral palsy development. They include mother’s acute and chronic diseases, occupational hazards, injuries during pregnancy, uterine bleeding, placental abruption and previa, non-physiological, premature delivery, birth asphyxia. The role of adverse factors in cerebral palsy development has not been fully examined. Symptoms may differ depending on type of cerebral palsy. From coordination, muscle tone impairment, involuntary movements, delayed psycho-speech development to pronounced limbs spasticity, optic nerve atrophy, impaired hearing, accentuated cognitive and speech defects, epilepsy.

Parents, raising a child with cerebral palsy, take over an enormous psychological, physical, financial load. Children with cerebral palsy require continuous therapeutic and rehabilitation efforts, however, they will never recover completely.

At what age to start using matrix products?

At any age, the earlier you start using matrix products, the better therapeutic effect you will achieve. If neurological signs are detected during the neonatality period, you should start using matrix products right away because at this age children have great potential for disorders correction.

Principle of matrix products work is resonance biocorrection.

Our physical body, like any other type of matter, generates electromagnetic field and is supported thereby. In a healthy person all oscillatory (wave) processes are relatively synchronized. Diseased conditions imply impairment of oscillatory harmony, inevitably resulting in disturbance of rhythms of main physiological processes. The most efficient way to correct functional state of the human body is to use intrinsic coherently transformed electromagnetic radiation. All matrix products have topology scheme thereon; when the matrix applicator or some other product is placed on bioactive points and areas and on projections of internal organs, intrinsic electromagnetic radiation, emitted by the human body, is coherently transformed by principle of passive resonance. As a result, cells of the human body receive a feedback with a relevant reminder and thus are able to correct their own interrelations, which results in normalization of many functional, biochemical, rheological, immunological aspects, psychoemotional status.

What matrix products can be used in children with cerebral palsy and how to use such products?

It is convenient to use matrix cloths from an early childhood, you can put them under the child’s head and his or her back. You can place spatial structurizers in the child’s room (on the windows, at the bed). Subsequently, you can put any products, protecting from electromagnetic radiation, in the room. Cover the child’s bonnet with golden applicators and when the child grows older, make him or her a cotton hat and cover it with golden applicators. AIRES headdress is perfect for older children. After adaptation is completed, the child can wear it continuously. It is necessary to hold health improvement courses, using applicators, placed according to C scheme (applicators can be attached to a T-shirt your child wears). You can also use Ecostep matrix insoles (cut them out to the size of the child’s foot). Put the insoles into the footwear at daytime and into the socks for the child to wear them at night. It is highly recommended to use glasses with protective optical filters. You can use Optima glasses as they require no alignment. Gradually start using volume resonators according to the scheme, described in the article. You can buy the Aires Defender Infinity or the Aires Salus for the child to wear them on the solar plexus projection.

It is important to understand that the matrix products should be used in cycles, fir a long term.

Over more than 20-year experience we have accumulated a large number of clinical observations, showing positive effect of the matrix products in children with cerebral palsy: spastic paresis abates, mental development improves. Children, who were considered to be hopeless, started to talk, feed themselves. Children with epilepsy either have less frequent seizures or their seizures stop altogether. The following observation can be cited as an example:

7-year old boy with a severe form of cerebral palsy. The child could not walk, talk, was considered to be absolutely hopeless in terms of mental development. When the parents learned about the matrix products, they started to use applicators, then they added the Aires headdress with Aires Black Crystal applicators and glasses with protective optical filters. Soon they observed that their child’s look became intelligent, then he started to say individual words, call himself by his name. Interestingly, the child willingly put on the Aires headdress and the glasses with protective optical filters.


S.P. Lapina, MD, PhD (Medicine)

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