Toroidal coherentor “Flower of Life”

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Volume coherent converter of natural and anthropogenic electromagnetic fields.

Flower of Life toroidal coherentor (T-coherentor) is used for :

  • therapeutic influence on bioactive zones and points of the organism, peripheral projections of sick internal organs and areas of pain sensation;
  • normalization of individual psychophysical state;
  • optimization of structural and informational state of water, foodstuff.

T-coherentor is a complex multi-layer toroidal-shape structure, consisting of flat matrix resonators (coherent converters of electromagnetic radiation) with the specially developed Aires diffraction annular grids applied on surfaces thereof.

T-coherentor is a physical device, which develops and preserves coherent space and wave interaction. This is a multi-layer converter of natural and anthropogenic physical fields. T-coherentor synthesizes coherent electromagnetic field, which is able to perform resonance correction of similar field structures of the environment and to initiate restoration of the comprehensive systemic integration of human organism’s field constituents.


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