Fractal converter

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Aires electromagnetic converter – is a volume coherent converter of natural and anthropogenic electromagnetic fields, which is used to:

  • сstabilize geophysical and anthropogenic activity of the environment;
  • structurize electromagnetic complex of the living space;
  • normalize the user’s individual psychophysical condition;
  • provide for universal stabilization of biosystems, restoration of physiological state and optimization of the human organism’s adaptive capability;
  • prevent hyperactive pathologies;
  • prevent children’s congenital conditions;
  • optimize structural state of water, foodstuff.

Aires electromagnetic converter is a physical device, which can efficiently structurize wide-range electromagnetic radiations, transforming them into high-coherent form, thus substantially decreasing power of unstructured background activity of the environment, without the use of any special power sources.

Multi-level structure of Aires electromagnetic converter is a fractal configured structure of planes, forming a resonance volumes system, which surfaces presenting special coherent converters.

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