Coherent integrator “Sphere”

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Volume coherent converter of natural and anthropogenic electromagnetic fields.

SPHERE K-integrator is used for:

  • general integral preventive and therapeutic influence on bioactive zones and points of the organism;
  • normalization of individual psychophysical state;
  • optimization of structural and informational state of living and industrial premises;
  • relaxation and meditation practicing.

K-integrator is a complex multi-layer spherical shape structure with a spherical pattern of interaction vectors direction, comprising flat matrix resonators (coherent converters of electromagnetic radiation), with the specially developed Aires diffraction annular grids applied on surfaces thereof.

SPHERE integrator is a multi-layer coherent converter of natural and anthropogenic physical fields. It efficiently structurizes electromagnetic radiation with a wide range of frequencies, transforming it into a coherent state.

Within the area of SPHERE integrator’s coverage coherence of the organism’s natural electromagnetic field is restored, all organs and systems functioning is synchronized with geophysical activity of the environment, which enhances the organism’s capability to adapt to the influence of anthropogenic electromagnetic fields.

SPHERE integrator can be combined with Flower of Life toroidal coherentor (T-coherentor). Joint use thereof boosts efficiency of both products.

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