Phase stabilizer “Cube”

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Volume coherent converter of natural and anthropogenic electromagnetic fields.

CUBE phase stabilizer of background radiation is used:

  • in cases of profound imbalance of life-supporting processes;
  • as a preparatory stage before using T-coherentor and K-integrator;
  • to stabilize any therapeutic actions;
  • to optimize adjustment processes.

CUBE phase stabilizer is a complex fractal-matrix cubic-shaped structure with a relevant pattern of interaction vectors direction, comprising Aires flat matrix resonators – coherent converters of wide band frequencies electromagnetic radiation.

CUBE phase stabilizer systematizes the spatial phase frame of the field superposition (control field) o f a random environment (open physical system). Stabilization of counter-exchange processes of electromagnetic nature enables to initiate multi-layer coordination of the biological organism’s functional physiological activity rhythms, thus substantially decreasing spontaneous rotation of frequency – amplitude fluctuations, which, ultimately, facilitates optimization of self-regulation processes and stabilization of metabolic reactions.

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