Orthopaedic belt Aires Orto

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AIRES ORTO orthopaedic belt is a multi-functional product and is designed:

for joint use with AIRES applicators upon therapeutic influence on spinal column and small pelvis area; for fixation and relief of lumbosacral region of the spine.

The belt is a special lumbosacral brace with six stiffening metal plates and pockets for holding up to 9 AIRES fractal-matrix applicators.

It is recommended:

  • to fix AIRES applicators – an efficient means of bioresonance influence on the organism via coherent transformation of the cells’ own background radiation – in lumbar region;
  • in cases of degenerative spine diseases and radiculitis;
  • after surgeries and injuries of lumbosacral region of the spine;
  • as a preventive measure upon physical activity.

The applicators, inserted into the belt, operate synchronously and purposefully to normalize muscle tonus, facilitating processes of cells and tissues repair, restoring spinal column conduction and normalizing functioning of the small pelvis organs. AIRES-ORTO belt helps to keep the spine in the right position, prevents dislocation of vertebra and intervertebral discs, relieves stress from the spinal column and muscles of back. It trains you to keep the right posture.

Double buckle is used to adjust the degree of the spinal column fixation.

AIRES applicators are sold separately.

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