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  • joint diseases,
  • spine disorders,
  • muscles and sinews disorders,
  • nervous system diseases: neuralgia, neuritis,
  • autonomic nervous system disorders – childhood and adult neurosis,
  • diseases of peripheral vessels: obliterating endarteritis, artherosclerosis of vessels of lower extremities,
  • diseases of respiratory organs and cardiovascular system,
  • diseases of digestive system organs,
  • diseases of reproductive system.


This is a complex product, combining several efficient therapeutic methods:

  • technology of bioresonance stimulation of biologically active zones and points of feet;
  • conventional method of flat-foot treatment and prevention;
  • magnet therapy – a variant of physiotherapy, using magnetic field as a therapeutic means.

ORTOSTEP Magnetic insoles are meant for people, adhering to healthy lifestyle, and for those with diseases of feet, musculo-skeletal system, blood circulation system, and many other diseases.

A microrelief in the form of a fractal diffraction grid is formed on the surface of ORTOSTEP Magnetic matrix insoles. Upon interaction thereof with biologically active zones of the foot, cells’ electromagnetic radiation is converted into coherent state, thus providing for optimum redistribution of surface polarization, provoking derangement of functional load coordination of the human organism’s relevant units and enhancement of regulatory processes. Fractal – matrix pattern of the insoles also provides for gentle massage of feet reflexogenic zones, resulting from designed density difference of the insoles’ upper material.

One of ORTOSTEP Magnetic insoles’ uses is orthopedic alignment in case of flat-foot. Flat-foot inevitably influences the musculo-skeletal system on the whole and causes increase of load on all superjacent joints of the lower extremities and the spine, promotes varicosis. If this is the case, the matrix orthopedic insoles provide the therapeutic and preventive effect, correcting the existing problems.

Magnetotherapy effect of ORTOSTEP Magnetic insoles facilitates microcirculation, enhances permeability of cell membranes, accelerates biochemical reactions, damaged tissues regeneration, resulting in analgetic, anti-inflammatory, immunocorrecting effect, performance improvement, quick fractures healing. The influence of structurally composed magnetic field on blood results in enhancement of oxygen saturation capacity thereof and better tissues and organs nutrition.

Magnetic fields have the greatest influence on the nervous, cardiovascular and endocrine systems. Weak magnetic fields stimulate functioning of adrenal glands, thyroid gland, reproductive organs and other endocrine glands, thus significantly increasing organism’s strength and resistance to diseases.

Regular use of ORTOSTEP Magnetic insoles provides for the following:

  • leveling of load on the feet bioactive zones and points, thus initiating optimization of all organism’s functional life support systems,
  • efficient flat-foot adjustment, including 1st degree combined flat-foot,
  • enhancement of feet functional stamina,
  • relief of pain in lower extremities and spine,
  • blood circulation improvement,
  • reduction of legs swelling and fatigue,
  • reduction of varicosis manifestations.

It is a shortened (3/4), universal modification – without the forefoot (toes) part.

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