Sakura Earrings (summer)

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The Aires technology allows for correction of the body’s condition based on resonant interactions, similar to ancient methods of influencing humans with natural minerals.

The jewelry of the Sakura collection includes Aires microprocessors, which are a special ring diffraction grating that differentiates electromagnetic field vibrations in a wide range, decomposing them into harmonic components and converting wave pulses into a coherent state.

As a result of the emerging resonant interaction of biologically active zones and the Aires ring diffraction grating, the spatial-wave characteristic of the electromagnetic radiation of cells is restructured, the radiation is consistent, becomes coherent, and the general condition of the body is stabilized.

The products of the collection have a bright, unique design and are decorated with Swarovski crystals.

Earrings. There are more than a hundred biologically active points on the earlobe, which are the projection of all departments of the human body. By positioning a product with a matrix topology in this area, it is possible to effectively correct the human condition.

Sakura (summer) is made in a “golden” design.


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