Mat Aires

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It is used to:

  • enhance attention concentration,
  • increase performance capability,
  • relieve fatigue and stress in the back area,
  • relief of stress loads,
  • therapeuric actions stabilization.

Aires mat is a textile product made of top grade highly hygienic fabric in the form of a cover. It is recommended for persons of all ages and is used individually as a meditation mat, cushion or seat cover.

There is a zipper on the back side of the mat, therefore you can insert a cushion or other filler inside the mat if necessary.

A special modification of fractal-matrix topology design is applied on the top surface of Aires mat.

Aires fractal-matrix topology is a special diffraction annular grid, which is a passive spatial-wave structurizer. Upon resonance interaction with topology design, a coherent transformation of the cells’ own radiation occurs, resulting in abrupt decrease of intrasystem entropy. As a consequence, reconstructive processes efficiency is increased, functional state of the central nervous system is optimized, regulatory and restorative function thereof is mobilized, an adequate reaction to signals from internal or external environment is formed.

The central part of the seatback pad of the Aires set includes a special pocket for Aires nucleus activator, enhancing effect of the fractal-matrix topology embroidered on the fabric.

Aires mat is a perfect match for other products of Aires Technologies.

Provided that operation conditions are observed and the product is handled with care, Aires mat will serve you, providing convenience and comfort for a long time.


  • Polyester – 47%, cotton – 53%,
  • Cotton – flax – 100%,
  • filler – felt.

Scope of supply:

  1. Aires mat – 1 pc.
  2. Instruction – 1 pc.
  3. Package – 1 pc.

Guaranteed service life makes 3 months from the date of sale.

Additional Information

Weight 0.42 kg
Dimensions 45 × 45 cm


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