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AIRES indoor spatial wave filter (structurizer) is used to provide a general regulating influence on the physiological systems of human organism and to protect it from impact of natural and anthropogenic disturbances of electromagnetic background.

Structurizer is a sheet of transparent PVC film (210×297 mm) with AIRES topology design applied thereon.

It is available in the form of a paper-based self adhesive film.

The product is a special diffraction annular grid, which is a passive spatial wave structurizer, capable of differentiating electromagnetic field oscillations in a wide band, resolving them into harmonic components and transforming radiation into coherent state.

The structurizer is activated by passing or reflected light stream, originating from any source.
Prior to use of the self adhesive structurizer, it is necessary to remove the film from the paper carrier and apply it to the flat transparent base (glass, plastic), located within the light stream area (window, screen, etc.).

Structurizers can be applied to window panes; rear window of the automobile; under the glass on the desk; on the video screen body, etc. They can be applied in sleeping areas, under mattresses and on the walls at the bed’s level.

To get structurized water, the structurizer can also be fixed on a vessel with preliminary purified water subject to axes orientation requirements. It is also recommended to put the structurizer into/on the container, where foodstuff is stored to extend shelf life and improve quality thereof.

Placing the structurizer on the refrigerator shelves and in the freezer compartment, you structurize foodstuff and you may have ice of structurized water. A pronounced cosmetic effect may be obtained if you use such ice cubes instead of water.

Number of simultaneously used structurizers is not limited.

Do not expose the structurizer to mechanical impact and heating over 40°C.

Avoid direct contact with water and other fluids.

Observe axes orientation when placing the structurizer.


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