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The wave nature of the interaction of natural crystals and a living organism is the basis of an ancient technique for correcting the biological system with minerals, while the highest efficiency is achieved when a counter resonance occurs, and the more perfect the crystal structure, which is always a fractal object, the higher the quality of resonance.

The Aires technology allows for a similar correction of the biological system based on resonant interactions, but without distortions associated with the defects of natural minerals.

The jewelry of the Enigma collection includes Aires microprocessors, which are a special ring diffraction grating that differentiates electromagnetic field vibrations in a wide range, decomposing them into harmonic components and converting wave pulses into a coherent state.

As a result of the emerging resonant interaction of biologically active zones and the Aires ring diffraction grating, the spatial-wave characteristic of the electromagnetic radiation of cells is restructured, the radiation is consistent, becomes coherent, stabilizing the general condition of the body.
The products of the stylish design collection are decorated with Swarovski crystals.

The pendant. Its main element is a specially designed microprocessor consisting of 4 single modules (2×2) and having, accordingly, increased exposure power. The solar plexus region is the central link of the peripheral nervous system. By positioning the product with the Aires microprocessor, it is possible to effectively stabilize the state of the body.

Enigma (winter) is made in a “silver” version (silvering).


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