Cairo Pendant

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Immaculately pure crystals of the world-famous Swarovski company are used in this collection, which guarantees high quality products and will satisfy the highest aesthetic requirements. On the reverse side of the products there are special microprocessors-Aires resonators. The main element of the Aires jewelry is a microprocessor. This is a silicon crystal with a special ring diffraction grating made on its surface – a passive space-wave structurizer capable of differentiating electromagnetic field oscillations in a wide frequency range, decomposing them into harmonic components and converting radiation, both produced by the cells of the body and background, into a coherent form.

Such a combination of crystals and microchips increases the effectiveness of the influence exerted, enhancing the beneficial effect on the body.

Pendant. The solar plexus area is the central link of the peripheral nervous system. By placing a product with an Aires microprocessor, it is possible to effectively stabilize the state of the body.

Cairo Summer is made in a “golden” design.


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