Cosmetic facial applicator AIRES

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It is used jointly with HEALTH MATRIX beauty masks. Use of this complex produces a unique cosmetic effect. Facial applicator enhances special balanced formula of HEALTH MATRIX beauty masks’ effect, facilitating deeper structurized penetration of active components and better absorption thereof by the skin. Combination of cosmetic face masks and the facial applicator provides for a more pronounced and immediate effect of the cosmetic procedure itself, i.e. it facilitates the skin regeneration process, relives fatigue and adequately saturates skin with necessary nutrients. During the cosmetic procedure the facial applicator acts very carefully, it prevents drying of the cosmetic product, applied on the skin and possible skin shrinking.

The facial applicator can also be used with HEALTH MATRIX face creams to enhance the cream’s effect and with other cosmetic products, including homemade facial masks of natural vegetables and fruit – to enhance the effect thereof.

As a prompt reflexotherapy means the facial applicator stimulates biologically active points and zones of the face, provides harmonizing and anti-stress effect, resulting in wrinkles smoothing, deep saturation of the skin with structurized water, it ensures longer-term water conservation in the skin cells due to highly structured quality it acquires under the action of the general field of fractal – matrix topology on the mask.

How to use

Apply a layer of this cosmetic product on clean skin face. Slightly tilt your head backwards and apply the mask on the face, aligning the holes with your eyes. Smooth the mask to obtain full contact with the skin. Relax for 15 – 20 min. Then take the facial applicator off and remove the remaining cosmetic product from your face.

To enhance the reflexotherapeutic effect it is recommended to apply AIRES mask regularly (21 – 42 cycles).

Scope of supply

AIRES facial applicator – 5 pcs.


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