Body gel cream

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Body gel cream has a light texture, pronounced moisturizing, softening and soothing effect, absorbed perfectly, leaving no greasy luster, provides comfort and protection, shiny and well-groomed look to skin.

  1.  Moisturizes and nourishes the skin 24 h.
  2.  Protects from exposure to environment.
  3.  Normalizes barrier function of the skin.
  4.  Provides comfort.
  5.  Revitalizes and tones body skin.
  6.  Refreshes and odorizes skin.

Health Matrix cosmetic products are produced, using the unique technology of coherent electromagnetic radiation transformation via Aires diffraction annular grids, thus increasing a penetration rate of active components, which enhances efficiency thereof, and producing an additional balancing and stabilizing effect on the organism through the most important human organ – skin.


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