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Use of Volume Resonators for Health Improvement

Scientific Production Association Aires Technologies, LLC offers a range of products, designed to improve health. AIRES fractal-matrix topology of such products is a flat projection of the coherently transforming 3D pattern, which can currently be simulated, using available technical means. The products include different types of matrix applicators, cloths applicators, spatial and wave filters (structurizers) etc.

One more type of the products we offer is volume resonators.

As is well known, any matter has electromagnetic nature. Physical human body is also a kind of matter and it obeys the same laws of physics. Any type of solid matter generates electromagnetic field and is supported thereby. A person is healthy when relative synchronization of various oscillatory (wave) processes is maintained, while diseased conditions imply impairment of oscillatory harmony. Oscillatory (wave) processes should be consistent in terms of frequency, amplitude, phase and interaction vectors direction pattern, which results in resonance response of the human body. Nevertheless, products with a flat projection of a three-dimensional matrix enable to harmonize wave processes by frequency and amplitude of oscillations as two-dimensional section has two reference axes X and Y. However, the space is three-dimensional and has three reference axes X, Y, Z. If the defect is minor, the disease can be cured with the help of flat products. At the same time, flat products are insufficient for more serious impairments, in particular genetic ones.

Additional use of volume resonators makes it easier to settle problems in case of serious pathologies.

Flower of Life toroidal coherence device (T-coherence device) is a three-dimensional physical device, revealing and establishing harmonized spatial and wave interaction. A fractal-matrix topology is applied on planes of the T-coherence device. This topology is a specially developed AIRES annular diffraction grating, interacting with the structure of electromagnetic field. Due to three-dimensional spatial orientation of planes and the toroidal structure formed by them, interaction with background radiation results in generation of three-level stable fractal structure of electromagnetic field in three mutually perpendicular X, Y, Z projections, supporting normalized synthesis of biological matter as a result of homeostasis process harmonization, such synthesis conforming to main parameters of the genetic base of the object. Thus, positive processes are activated at deeper levels – cell and biochemical ones.

It is recommended to use the Flower of Life toroidal coherence device for therapeutic effect in patients with severe pathologies. There are a number of clinical observations of the coherence device efficiency for multiple sclerosis, diabetes, cancer and other diseases.

It is advised to hold sessions with the T-coherence device on the solar plexus during 21 minutes, the course duration is 21 days. 42-minute long sessions and courses from 21 to 42 days are even more effective. It is also possible to hold sessions with the device on bioactive points and areas (C scheme), projections of internal organs and pain areas.

SPHERE coherence integrator (K-integrator) is a complex multi-layer structure of spherical shape with spherical interaction vectors direction pattern. K-integrator is a multi-layer coherence converter of physical fields, it provides for generation of three-layer multifrequency resonance, initiates spherical high-coherence fractal field. The result thereof is restoration of integral systemic integration of field components of the biological entity, which determines harmonization of algorithms of genetically established cyto-structure programme support.

The K-integrator can be used for therapeutic effect according to the same schemes as stated above. However, when the SPHERE coherence integrator is used in combination with the Flower of Life toroidal coherence device, therapeutic effect is multiplied as the T-coherence device acts as most powerful trigger of the K-integrator, which makes it possible to address much more complicated issues. When two devices are used simultaneously, the Flower of Life with the SPHERE device in the middle thereof is put on the solar plexus projection. 21-42 minute sessions are held. Duration of the course makes 21-42 days.

SPHERE NEO integrator is an upgraded SPHERE model with 26 AIRES microprocessors added to the structure thereof. The microprocessor is placed on each intersection of resonators’ work planes (along the vectors). This way its therapeutic action is enhanced. Exposure time and course duration are individual based on the patient’s general condition.

CUBE phase stabilizer is a 3D structurizer of natural and man-made physical fields. This is a fully-fledged fractal multi-layer structure of cubic shape with spatially expanded interaction vectors direction pattern. The structure consists of AIRES flat matrix resonators. The CUBE synthesizes highly structured high-density electromagnetic field, capable of performing resonance correction of field structures’ phase frame.

It is recommended to use the CUBE phase stabilizer as a preparatory stage prior to application of the Flower of Life toroidal coherence device and the Sphere coherence integrator. The Cube is placed on the solar plexus projection. Exposure time is selected individually, however, it is desirable that sessions duration was 21-42 minutes. The Cube is particularly good in cases of significant functional imbalance of vital processes, in particular, for neurotic disorders, borderline states with inner tension, nervousness, anxiety, sleep disorders, for irritable bowel syndrome, motor excitement of different nature.

CUBE-DODECAHEDRON phase stabilizer is a three-dimensional structurizer of natural and man-made physical fields, which is a fractal multi-layer structure, combining the cube and the dodecahedron, with spatially expanded interaction vectors direction pattern. The structure consists of AIRES flat coherent converters of broadband electromagnetic radiation.

The CUBE-DODECAHEDRON synthesizes highly structured high-density electromagnetic field, capable of performing resonance correction of environmental field structures’ phase frame.

It is recommended to use the CUBE-DODECAHEDRON to stabilize functional state of the human body, for relaxation, to optimize any therapeutic interventions and adaptation processes.

All volume resonators can be used to optimize structural and information state of water, food products, residential quarters and work spaces. When using any volume resonator to correct functional state of the human body, it should be taken into account that adaptation capabilities thereof depend on the patient’s age and his/her initial state.

The above recommendations on devices exposure time are conventional to some extent. It is recommended to select the exposure time individually, controlling the patient’s general condition.

S.P. Lapina, MD, PhD (Medicine)