The effects of Aires Defender on rats and bees THE FIRST STAGE

Subject: research of high frequency electromagnetic radiation effect and Aires resonators influence on behavior, genetic and epigenetic processes in cells of central and peripheral organs (model organisms: rat (Rattus norvegicus) and honey bee (Apis mellifera L.)

13 September 2016

In the context of technological advancement, growth of power generation, development of communications systems there is an increasing negative influence of non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation (EMR) on human organism. Disturbance of environmental electromagnetic background is recorded everywhere, causing steady increase of different diseases, including microwave sickness, electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS). The literature on EMR influence on human and animal organism is quite extensive. It has been established that EMR enhancement influences genetic apparatus of cells in different human and animal organs. For the first time mutagenic effect of certain electromagnetic frequencies was demonstrated in 1959 in the paper by Heller, Teixeria-Pinto, published in the journal Nature (Heller, Teixeira-Pinto, 1959). At present, evidence has been collected that electromagnetic fields of different ranges including mobile phones and Wi-Fi can induce a broad spectrum of genetic damage, modify gene expression, affect structural and functional characteristics of cell nuclei (Kryukov, 2000; Deinekina, 2002; Boyko et al., 2010, et al.). For example, it was proven that the effect of microwave radiation (frequency of 7.7 GHz, power of 0,5,10,30 mW/cm2) with an exposure interval from 10 to 60 minutes increases chromosome aberrations in human lymphocytes (Garaj-Vrhovac et al., 1992). With long periods of exposure, signals with a specific absorption rate (SAR) of 5 W/kg also damage chromosomes in blood cells (Tice et al., 2002). However, the mechanisms of those processes are still insufficiently understood.

Study of router’s electromagnetic radiation effect and Aires resonators’ influence on stability of genetic material in marrow cells of Wistar male rats.


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