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New Opportunities for Export Development

The Customs Regulation Act of Russia has been amended and supplemented in such a way as to significantly simplify registration of export shipments by sellers – Russian legal entities, doing business in the area of e-commerce (online shops). FSUE Russian Post, being an international operator, is delegated a certain portion of the functions of the State with regard to customs processing of goods and acceptance of payments from retail buyers outside the Customs Union.

Starting from the 3rd quarter of 2019 retail buyers from all over the world will be able to purchase Aires Technologies and Health Matrix products on Russian online markets. A new opportunity will serve as an efficient tool facilitating development of international sale channels of SPA Aires Technologies, LLC, and it will significantly improve the quality of customer service. Costs of customs declaration and maintenance of large stocks at warehouses outside Russia will be excluded, therefore, prices will be more affordable.

We invite our dealers, experienced in e-commerce sales development and having their own online markets in Russia, to enhance our cooperation.

Director General of SPA Aires Technologies

Kirill Alexeevich Romensky