Wall coating “Health Matrix”

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The product is used to create the most friendly environmental conditions. Matrix of Health wall covering provides an efficient restructurization of electromagnetic environment in your premise by high-quality coherent transformation of different radiations, including anthropogenic one.

Topology design, applied with metallic paint on the surface of Matrix of Health wallpapers, is a special diffraction annular grid, developed by research and technology department of AIRES Foundation, which is a passive spatial – wave converter, capable to restructure any kind of electromagnetic radiation (background, anthropogenic, biological) in a wide range, resolving it into harmonic components and transforming it into a coherent form. As a result of interaction with wallpapers Matrix of Health diffraction annular grid, electromagnetic radiation, surrounding people, not only becomes environmentally safe, but also begin to contribute to optimization of human functional state and health preservation.

Wall cover Matrix of Health enables to turn your apartment into the analogue of a wide-band coherent converter of electromagnetic radiation, available for everyone – AIRES eco converter.

Combination of wall cover Matrix of Health with other products of AIRES Technologies means a comprehensive approach to preservation of your family’s health within the context of Matrix house concept.

Moreover, matrix graphic art of wallpapers has a unique compelling beauty and will add to the special design of your dwelling.

We offer two types of Matrix of Health wall cover sets – 50 sheets and 20 sheets.


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