Novitas “Starry Sky” pendant

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Aires technology allows you to correct the state of the body on the basis of resonant interactions, similar to the ancient methods of influencing a person with natural minerals.

In the jewelry of the Novitas collection, on the reverse side, Aires microprocessors are installed, which are a special ring diffraction grating that differentiates electromagnetic field oscillations in a wide range, decomposing them into harmonic components and converting wave pulses into a coherent state.

As a result of the resultant resonant interaction of biologically active zones and the Aires ring diffraction grating, the spatial-wave characteristic of electromagnetic radiation of cells is restructured, the radiation is consistent, becomes coherent, and the general state of the organism is stabilized.

The products of the collection have a bright, unique design and are decorated with crystals made in the Czech Republic.

Pendant. The solar plexus area is the central link of the peripheral nervous system. By placing a product with an Aires microprocessor, it is possible to effectively stabilize the state of the body.

Novitas “Starry Sky” is made in a “silver” version (rhodium coating).


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