Matrix applicators MIX, blistered

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Matrix applicators are designed for treatment, prevention, as well as for
rehabilitation after diseases by affecting biologically
active zones and points of the body. They have a general regulating effect on
the physiological systems of the body. In this kit (blister mix)
there are Graphite matrix Applicators, Silver matrix Applicators, Gold matrix Applicators of 50 pcs. of each type.

Registration certificate of Roszdravnadzor No. FSR 2010/06904

Purpose of GRAPHITE Applicators

  • are recommended for the prevention and treatment of a wide range of pathologies.
  • GRAPHITE applicators are recommended for use in soft tissue injuries:
    bruises, hematomas, superficial burns and fractures.
  • they are recommended for older patients with serious pathologies for
    the first course of therapy.

Method of application

The MOH applicators must be removed from the paper base and fixed with the sticky
side on the appropriate parts of the body according to the scheme. Possible
application schemes:

  • Standard A*
  • Standard In*
  • Standard C**Detailed description is given in the instructions


  • acute infectious diseases and feverish conditions
  • peptic ulcer in the acute phase
  • mental illness in the acute stage
  • alco


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