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Aires technology makes it possible to improve organism’s state, using resonance interactions, similar to ancient methods of human exposure to natural minerals.

Aires special microprocessors with 24-vector coordination pattern are placed on the front side of jewelry from Aurora collection.

This is a silicon crystal with a special annular diffraction grid on the surface thereof, which is a passive spatial and wave structurizer, able to differentiate in a wide band of electromagnetic field oscillation frequencies, reducing them to harmonic components and transforming radiation, generated by organism’s cells and a background radiation into a coherent form.

Aurora collection has an austere, laconic style and is suitable both for everyday use and for special occasions.

Earrings. More than one hundred biologically active points, which are projections of all human organs, are located on the earlobe. Placement of a product with a matrix topology in this area facilitates an efficient improvement of the human condition.

Aurora Winter is made in “silver” design (rhodium plating).


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