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Use of Matrix Products for Degenerative-Dystrophic Skeletal Disorders (Osteochondrosis, Arthrosis)

Osteochondrosis, arthrosis belong to degenerative-dystrophic skeletal diseases. Many authors believe that such changes are manifestation of age-related deterioration, but they are not a disease. Everybody knows that impairments of vascular system develop as we get older, which results in poorer nutrition of all organs and tissues, including osteochondral tissue. Besides tissue regeneration processes become slower with age.

According to statistics, 40%-80% of the world population suffer from osteochondrosis. Furthermore, it affects the active age people. In recent years incidence of osteochondrosis among children and teenagers has risen dramatically.

What happens when you have osteochondrosis? Due to degenerative-dystrophic processes in intervertebral cartilaginous disks, the shock-absorbing mechanism is damaged. The intervertebral disk has a dense fibrous ring and a vertebral pulp. The vertebral pulp is comprised of glycosaminoglycans, capable of attracting water when strain on the spine increases and of giving water away when strain decreases. Therefore, the disk is an excellent shock-absorber. In case of osteochondrosis, number of glycosaminoglycans in the vertebral pulp reduces. The disk loses its resilience, dries up, shrinks. Afterwards the disk protrudes, vessels and nerves are compressed, pain syndrome and muscle contracture emerge.

Arthrosis also develops due to degenerative-dystrophic changes in the articular cartilage. Arthrosis ranks the second among causes of disability, behind only cardiovascular system diseases.

Our articulations are under extreme load throughout life, in particular, articulations of lower extremities. Articular surfaces of bones are coated with cartilaginous tissue rich with glycosaminoglycans. Therefore, cartilages serve as shock-absorbers. There is a certain amount of synovial fluid in the joint cavity. The cartilage has no vessels of its own and it receives nutrition via synovial fluid. Cartilaginous tissue is continuously destructed and restored throughout our life. A healthy cartilage and a normal synovial fluid provide for sound biomechanics of the articulation.

Osteoarthrosis implies increased wear of the cartilage upon simultaneous reduction of regeneration speed.

Generally, doctors prescribe non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID) for osteochondrosis and arthrosis, however such medicines have many side effects. NSAIDs generally have short-term effect, after the drugs withdrawal, pain syndrome often returns. Gels, ointments with NSAID ae even less effective.

It is also important to understand that NSAIDs only relieve symptoms: pain, secondary inflammation, however, they do nothing to facilitate improvement and restoration of cartilaginous tissue metabolism. Pain is relieved, while cartilage destruction is progressing.

How to deal with pain syndrome, significantly impairing quality of life, in this situation?

AIRES matrix products could be a solution.

As is known, physical human body has electromagnetic nature. Any kind of matter generates electromagnetic field and is supported thereby. The physical human body obeys the same laws of physics as it is also a kind of matter.

Based on this knowledge Russian scientists developed a method of health restoration subject to electromagnetic nature of human body and physical principles of resonance.

The most efficient method of human body’s functional state correction is use of intrinsic coherently transformed electromagnetic radiation (resonance biocorrection method). Coherent transformation is performed by means of matrix products with topology scheme of universal harmony thereon. Passive resonance principle is used. Transformed intrinsic electromagnetic radiation is brought back to diseased cells. As a result, such cells start to oscillate with frequency of a healthy cell, which ultimately results in metabolism restoration.

Matrix products have been used in clinical practice for more than 20 years and they have proved their high efficiency for treatment of degenerative-dystrophic diseases of the backbone and articulations. They relieve pain effectively, but there is more to this, as stated above, they restore metabolism in tissues, facilitate restoration of backbone and diseased joints function.

They improve adaptation capabilities of the human body and therefore, stress resilience, which is very important in case of osteochondrosis given the role of stress in development of the disease.

Unlike medications, matrix products have no side effects and have virtually no counterindications.

What matrix products can be used for degenerative-dystrophic diseases of the backbone and articulations?

Any of the offered products can be used. It is recommended to start health improvement from matrix applicators, which are to be used according to C standard (in cycles: 21 day – 7-day break – 21 day). We recommend that elderly patients, who have never used matrix products before, start with GRAPHITE or MAGNETIC applicators. Later they can switch to SILVER, GOLD or PLATINUM applicators. In case of osteochondrosis it is recommended to put applicators along the whole length of the backbone in 3 rows. In case of arthrosis you could additionally put applicators on diseased joints. It is a must to use Ecostep matrix insoles, and if there is flat foot, Ortostep Magnetic insoles are even a better solution. Given the role of stress in development of these diseases, it is necessary to use Relax band or AIRES headdress with Aires Black Crystal crystals. Since cartilaginous tissue is dehydrated, it is essential to drink structurized Aires AquaCluster Magnet water. You can use Aires-Orto orthopedic belt with Aires Black Crystal for osteochondrosis of lumbosacral region of the spine. As your body adapts to matrix products you can start using Defender Infinity, volume resonators, glasses with protective optical filters.

To get a permanent result it is essential to approach health improvement consciously: read the instruction carefully, follow all the rules, provided therein, maintain courses duration.

S.P. Lapina, MD, PhD (Medicine)