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Counterfeits 2019

Good day, Ladies and Gentlemen.

Counterfeits differ from products of Aires Technologies by partially altered appearance of the products and package thereof. The trademark and the names of the products have also been partially changed on some packages. Interestingly, those unscrupulous people, who are engaged in counterfeiting, somehow got their hands on a number of products very similar in appearance to the products, manufactured by Aires Technologies, which were exported in 2018. It might, actually, be the products, manufactured by SPA Aires Technologies, LLC in Russia, the more surprising are statements of illegal distributors that their products are much more efficient than the ones, officially sold by our company. It is upsetting, a bit ridiculous, but that is ok. What we actually are concerned about is quality of products with minor changes in appearance and distorted logo, imitating the trademark, owned by SPA Aires Technologies, LLC.

The thing is that it is virtually impossible to manufacture products with quality and effectiveness even half as good as those of the products of SPA Aires Technologies, LLC, because the main components thereof, i.e. microprocessors, are produced at the Russian defense enterprise, unique in terms of technological capability and environmental safety. Quality and effectiveness of Russian armaments, equipped with components, manufactured at this enterprise, is a conclusive evidence of uniqueness thereof.

We conducted inspection of counterfeits samples, which were found at warehouses of some of our dealers, and it was found out that the counterfeits were manufactured at a Chinese enterprise, main products of which include cheap electronics, moreover, their products are made from raw materials, that are not suitable for contact with the skin subject to applicable toxicological standards. The enterprise is situated in the industrial area of PRC with a terrible environmental situation.

We have no reliable information on the pricing policy of the suppliers of such counterfeits, however, it is obvious that some of our dealers were enticed by the opportunity of making additional profits.

I suggest that those, who fell for this, should think about it. Counterfeits are smuggled into Russia and have no approvals whatsoever. Not only is this illegal, what is more dangerous is that such products can be very harmful to health of your customers. And this implies criminal liability.

Director General of SPA Aires Technologies, LLC

K.A. Romensky