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Disposable hygiene sheets

Multi-purpose product, created using AIRES technologies, having shown a good performance in different modifications of AIRES matrix applicators (Certificate of Validation No ФСР 2010/06904 of 26.02.2010).

Can be recommended:

  • as an auxiliary therapeutic and hygienic means to care for patients with serious diseases,
  • to care for children, not only to provide necessary hygiene, but also as a means to facilitate quieter and healthier sleep, positively influencing the organism in whole, and consequently, facilitating more harmonic development of a child. Comfort and convenience guaranteed. Prevent diaper rash and dermatitis. Provide for secure protection of bed linen.

Package amount: 5 pieces (size: 60×60).


  • cellulose,
  • non-woven fabric,
  • medical-grade paper,
  • полиэтилен,
  • glue.