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Organic face cleansing gel

Innovation from NPO Aires Technologies – exclusive complex cosmetics for ageing skin NEOLIFT.

NEOLIFT cosmetic line is the unique product, produced using technology of coherent conversion of electromagnetic radiation generated by components included therein.

As a result of using AIRES diffraction annular grids, fermentation produces stable biochemical compositions, which do not enter into random reactions among themselves, thus it enables to model efficient structural stabilization of dermis and epidermis cells.

Water base of NEOLIFT cosmetic products, structured using AIRES technology, massively increases efficiency thereof and facilitates better skin cells’ adaptation.

Neolift organic face cleansing gel – a natural detergent for gentle skin care.

Concentrates of natural fruit enzymes are extracted from fruits of exotic plants, fully preserving the properties and specific fermentation capacity thereof.

Neolift gel includes a concentrated mixture of stable fruit enzymes with ultra-soft surfactant properties, extracted from cherimoya pulp (scientific name: Annona cherimolia Mill).

Cherimoya is native to Latin America. This is a heart-shaped green scaly fruit with tender sweet pulp similar to sherbet, which gave it its second name “custard apple”. Another name is the queen of subtropic fruits. It is a source of B1, B2, B6 vitamins,  microelements: iron, calcium and phosphorus.

Neolift organic cleansing gel is a gentle detergent, which efficiently removes dirt and makeup, thus enabling to avoid such harsh surfactants as sodium lauryl sulfate. It does not make your skin dry, does not damage protective lipid layer. Causes no irritation of skin and eye mucosa. Suitable for everyday use for all types of skin, including sensitive and prone to allergy ones.

Sulfates-, silicones-, parabens- and coloring agents-free!