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Mirror Aires

AIRES LTD mirror is made based on Aires fractal-matrix optic filter (Russian Federation patent No 2200968) with a topology relief, chromium plated.

Topology pattern is located in the middle of the mirror, it is a special diffraction annular grid, which serves as a passive spatial and wave structurizer, capable of differentiating oscillations of electromagnetic field in a wide band, resolving them to harmonic components and converting radiation into coherent state.

A mirror version of the filter operates on reflection.

It is well-known that the effect AIRES matrix applicators produce on biologically active points and zones enables to remedy a number of functional disorders of the organism’s physiological systems. Via Aires mirror the matrix topology is projected to the object with a composite surface (e.g. a face) reflected in the mirror, on which it is impossible to place  a matrix applicator in any other way.