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Matrix insoles ORTHOSTEP


  • joint diseases,
  • spine disorders,
  • muscles and sinews disorders,
  • nervous system diseases: neuralgia, neuritis,
  • autonomic nervous system disorders – childhood and adult neurosis,
  • diseases of peripheral vessels: obliterating endarteritis, artherosclerosis of vessels of lower extremities,
  • diseases of respiratory organs and cardiovascular system,
  • diseases of digestive system organs,
  • diseases of reproductive system.


ORTOSTEP matrix orthopedic insoles are unique therapeutic and preventive products, comprising a combination of the state-of-the-art medical technologies and materials, it is meant for people, adhering to a healthy and comfortable lifestyle and for those with feet and musculo-skeletal system diseases.

Upon regular use of orthopedic insoles, the special three-dimensional configuration of surface thereof provides a therapeutic action, resulting in:

  • technology of bioresonance stimulation of biologically active zones and points of feet;
  • conventional method of flat-foot treatment and prevention;
  • magnet therapy – a variant of physiotherapy, using magnetic field as a therapeutic means.

ORTOSTEP insoles combine the orthopedic effect and gentle massage stimulation of all reflexogenic zones of a foot sole according to the fractal – matrix pattern via microrelief.

It is a shortened (3/4), universal modification – without the forefoot (toes) part.