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Matrix applicators GOLD

Registration Certificate № ФСР 2010/06904 of 26.02.2010 issued by Federal Service for the Supervision in the Sphere of Health Care and Social Development of the RF.

Indications For Preventive And Recovery Use Of Matrix Applicators Aires

  • Body’s general functional disordersо of various genesis;
  • Asteno-neurotic syndromeа;
  • Fatigue syndrome, substandard performance;
  • Weakness of memory, attention;
  • insomnia;
  • N.C.A.;
  • Radiculitis, lumboischialgia, osteoсhondrosis;
  • Bronchial asthma, chronic bronchitis;
  • Kidney stone disease, pyelonephritis in remission, prostatitis;
  • Menopausal syndrome, premenstrual pains;
  • Neurodermatitis;
  • I, II, III degree skin burns;
  • Acute and chronic surgical and inflammatory hand diseases;
  • Vegetovascular disorders in surgical patients.


They are recommended for enhancement of the organism’s functional state in case of chronic diseases.

There is an option of a complex use: GOLD – for application on the surface of the head, neck, and spinal column, SILVER applicators – on points – projections of internal organs and points on limbs.

GOLD applicators are also recommended in case of traumatic injuries.

They are made with fine bronze powder.

The set includes 75 «gold» fractal-matrix applicators and the user’s manual.

All clinical tests have been passed. Patent No 37941.