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Lifting facial cream mask

The mask has a pronounced lifting effect already after the first application. When used regularly, the lifting effect continues for a long time and is noticeable even in 2 – 3 weeks after you stop using the product.

The unique complex of active substances, used in the mask, has a pronounced rejuvenating effect, restores skin’s elasticity and tone, smoothes small wrinkles, moisturizes, softens and protects skin. Stimulates collagen production, slows down ageing processes. Upon regular mask application face contours improve  immensely, returning youth and attractiveness to the face.

Lifting cream – mask is an active skin care product, it is recommended for women over 45 years.

  1. Restoration of skin elasticity and tone.
  2. Short-term lifting effect after the first procedure.
  3. Prolonged lifting effect upon regular application.
  4. Pronounced rejuvenating effect, improvement of face contours.
  5. Creates a feeling of comfort and brings on a good mood.

It will help to return youth and beauty of your skin. This is an excellent complex means of active care for face and neck skin, produced, using Aires technology.