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Aires Light

Aires Light optimizer — an additional antenna and performance multiplier, enhancing Aires Shield’s effect.

Aires Light optimizer is used in combination with Aires Shield for an enhanced protection against long-term electromagnetic radiation from mobile devices – smartphone, phone, communicator, etc., which maintain continuous contact with the communications provider.

Aires Light optimizer helps to decrease intensity of penetrating radiation more efficiently without disrupting communication quality and redistributing the emerging polarization as a field strength maximums and minimums regular system along the mobile device’s surface.

The source of radiation is the mobile device’s generator of electromagnetic impulses. Upon an excessive charge accumulation (polarization) it is automatically redistributed, thus forming a fractal matrix, interacting with Aires Shield, which via direct and reverse. Fourier transformation harmonizes it with the biological cells’ background radiation, reducing to a controlled minimum conflict between radiation of the mobile device and human organism’s own radiation.

Use of Aires Light in combination with Aires Shield upon the mobile device’s long-term operation prevents decrease of the brain’s adaptive capability, facilitates maintenance of an optimum balance between the excitation and suppression processes of the central nervous system, thus mitigating local disorders of bioelectrical activity, caused by unspecialized anthropogenic frequency and wave impact, and mobilization of the neuroendocrinal system’s regulatory mechanisms, effectively preventing stress. The result is a stabilized human organism’s reaction to electromagnetic radiation of mobile communication means.

It is inserted into the mobile phone or another device case under or right on the gadget’s body.

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