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Aires Defender Automotive

Aires Defender Automotive
It is used to stabilize electromagnetic field of the space inside the automobile.

Aires Defender generates electromagnetic field with a fractal structure (hologram), which, in its turn, in near zone is able to fulfill similar spatial and time amplitude-frequency counter harmonization of external electromagnetic fields interacting therewith in the form of a special zone, resonating with adjacent wave fronts, including biological cells’ own radiation, thus initiating counter harmonization of characteristics thereof.

Aires Defender Automotive includes three Aires 9-core microprocessors with 24-vector fractal pattern. Location of microprocessors provides for generation of a spatial hologram with a unique interaction diagram.

Aires Defender Automotive serving as a protective device efficiently restructurizes electromagnetic fields, generated by technical devices, converting them into coherent form. As a result of counter harmonization with biological cells’ own electromagnetic radiation, it facilitates optimization of a number of organism’s physiological parameters, first of all, neuroendocrine system’s.

Aires Defender Automotive does not disturb or perturb operation of transmitting and receiving devices and other technical instruments. It has a modern design, it is ergonomic and easy to use.

Aires Defender Automotive is intended to be used in an automobile.

It is placed in the driver’s near zone.