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Aires AquaCluster Magnet

Aires AquaCluster Magnet

Aires AquaCluster Magnet is used to condition water and to correct its properties via:

  • Coherent transformation of water clusters’ own electromagnetic radiation,
  • Water structural condition regulation by optimization of cluster structure thereof, pH (7.3 -7.5).

pH of water-bearing media is one of the essential parameters of most chemical and biochemical processes behavior. Living organism’s tissues are very sensitive to pH fluctuations – beyond the acceptable range (7.3 – 7.7) proteins are denaturated: cells are destroyed, enzymes cannot function, and the organism may perish. Aires AquaCluster initiates pH optimization (7.3 – 7.5).

As a result of Aires AquaCluster Magnet influence on water, it acquires the unique adaptor properties (approximately 24 h after exposure to Aires AquaCluster Magnet water starts to change its properties synchronously with change of environmental properties (geomagnetic fields)

Aires AquaCluster Magnet includes Aires a single-core microprocessor with 24-vector matching circuit and a special magnetic insert.

All materials used to make Aires AquaCluster Magnet have been duly tested for toxicological safety and are allowed to be used for utility and drinking water supply by the state Committee for Sanitary and Epidemiological Control of the Russian Federation.

Aires AquaCluster Magnet is placed into the jar of water. Optimum water conditioning time – 24 h.

Product diameter – 50mm, thickness –11mm.