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Aftershave Cream

Neolift cosmetic line is a complex solution for aging skin.

Innovation from NPO Aires Technologies – exclusive complex cosmetics for ageing skin NEOLIFT.

NEOLIFT cosmetic line is the unique product, produced using technology of coherent conversion of electromagnetic radiation generated by components included therein.

As a result of using AIRES diffraction annular grids, fermentation produces stable biochemical compositions, which do not enter into random reactions among themselves, thus it enables to model efficient structural stabilization of dermis and epidermis cells.

Water base of NEOLIFT cosmetic products, structured using AIRES technology, massively increases efficiency thereof and facilitates better skin cells’ adaptation.   

Everyday shaving makes skin very sensitive…

Male skin is different from female skin:

  • it is oilier and has larger pores.
  • male skin is 20% thicker than that of women.
  • men get wrinkles later than women, but their wrinkles are deeper.

Neolift after shave cream has been specifically developed for men, taking into consideration skin condition after shaving.

The cream structured, using unique Aires technology, has a pleasant texture, absorbed well and provides a complex tender skin care and protection, relieves irritation and inflammations. It is recommended for all skin types.

The cream includes EASHAVE complex, lemon balm extract, vitamin B5 and allantoin complex, farnesol, algae extract.

EASHAVE complex was created as a means against shaving-related irritation, reddening and mechanical peeling. This thoroughly optimized biopolymer complex has counterirritant effect, facilitates normalization of stressed out skin and regenerates natural protective lipid layer, which is especially damaged by shaving.