Treatment and Prevention of Diseases

Protection From Electromagnetic Radiation

We eliminate not only symptoms, but also functional basis of pathologies.
All Health Matrix line of goods constitutes a safe over-the-counter therapeutic and preventive products, which, therefore, may be combined with a drug therapy, homeopathic medicines, herbal therapy, physiotherapy, etc. Please, carefully read the instruction prior to use. The instruction, supplied with each product, describes the application procedure and includes general recommendations on use of Health Matrix products. Please, monitor the condition of your organism closely, and regulate the time of the product application, based on your general state.

Use of Health Matrix applicators

Just apply it to the sore area!
Three main patterns of the applicators fixation – A, B and C.

Standard А: 5 pcs of Health Matrix applicators are placed on the forehead and temples, 5 pcs in the 7th cervical vertebra area (on the border of the cervicothoraic region), 5 pcs in the projection of sacral bone.

It is recommended for people younger than 30 years, if there are no chronic diseases, to restore and enhance the organism’s functional state.

Standard B: includes all application layouts of Standard A and additional points under xiphoid process (projection of the celiac plexus), point of the mammary line and the 9th rib intersection (to the right – projection of liver, to the left – projection of spleen), point, which is two fingers above the suprasternal notch, on the submandibular area and on the abdomen – two fingers above the middle of the inguinal folds. On the back side of the body additional Health Matrix applicators are placed on the projection of kidneys.

It is recommended for people older than 30 years if there is a chronic disease without chronic comorbidities.

Standard C includes all the above-mentioned layouts of pattern B and additional points in the supraclavicular region and on the extremities.

It is recommended for people older than 30 years, if there are acute and chronic diseases.

In addition to the indicated layouts, Health Matrix applicators can be placed on the points and zones of tenderness.
HOW TO USE Separate Health Matrix applicators from paper base and fix them with their adhesive part on the relevant parts of the body. For secure fixation it is recommended to attach the applicators on clean and dry skin. It is very important to place the applicators symmetrically along the spine. Health Matrix applicators are for individual use. Below is the preferable use of Health Matrix applicators:

- with "golden" coating - to apply on head, neck, spine, - with "silver" coating - on the projections of internal organs and points on extremities, - "graphite" applicators are generally used in case of different injuries, and are also recommended for senior patients with severe pathologies as the first therapeutic course.

If no recommended type of applicator is available, any other type can be used, without impairing the therapeutic effect. It is recommended to choose the length of exposure by yourself, depending on the degree of a pain syndrome, severity, duration of a disease and other individual factors. The exposure lasts until therapeutic benefit is manifested (relive of a pain syndrome, general state improvement, etc.). Exposure time may vary within the range of 6 days. It is recommended to use Health Matrix applicators within several days to obtain a permanent effect. Upon acute exacerbation of a chronic disease, administer 6-day treatment with a 1-day break between the courses until a permanent effect is obtained. In case of any severe chronic disease it is recommended to administer two 42-day treatments with a 1-week break between the courses. It is recommended to observe the following rules when using Health Matrix applicators:
  1. 1st Rule: Rest. Psychoemotional and physical rest so that the organism could resonate with the coherent converter. For this purpose, during the first 30 – 60 min of the device use relax and get in a comfortable position (seat, lie down). Subsequently you may get into your usual routine. Please, remember that any hyper-activation of the organism (psychoemotional, physical, alcohol-related one, etc.) drastically reduces efficiency of resonance interaction.
  2. 2nd Rule:  Space and Symmetry. To achieve the effect it is necessary to engage no less than the minimum amount of points (zones), indicated in the instruction. It is recommended to place Health Matrix applicators symmetrically along the spine.
  3. 3rd Rule: Time and Regularity. It applies first of all to patients with chronic diseases –upon exacerbations, 6-day courses with a 1-day break to relieve the exacerbation symptoms. To achieve a permanent effect upon severe chronic diseases – 42-day therapy courses with a 1-week break.
Possible reactions to application of Health Matrix products
Rebalancing of metabolic processes following use of the resonance method results in enhanced removal of toxic byproducts. Wherein filtering organs – liver, kidneys begin to function more actively. Functional capacity of these organs is reduced in most patients. Toxic substances may be removed through skin, causing mild skin reactions (reddening, rash, itch). Patients with pathologies of endocrine system, severe hormone imbalance have the highest chances of such reactions. Similar symptoms may last from 3 to 7 days. The above-mentioned reactions are to be interpreted as the evidence of the applied therapy’s efficiency. If this is the case, remove the matrix applicators from the irritated area, wash the skin, wipe it with a soothing cosmetic product. To reduce the skin’s reaction place the applicators around the irritated area or cover it with specially designed dressing.