An Alternative to Medicines. Ready Solution!

The effectiveness of impacting on the biologically active points of the body has been known for  hundreds of years.

Many generations of the various peoples of the globe use this method to address diseases.

Russian scientists developed a principally new approach to treatment and prevention of human diseases and conditions based on the above said knowledge, electromagnetic nature of the body, and physical principle of resonance.

This method enables avoiding most of disadvantages of the traditional medical approach.

This is a radically new method based on the balanced harmony of all health sustaining processes that ensures an increased dynamic resistance of the body to destabilizing external shocks and “internal resources” activization.

The developed in the late 1990s method employs the whole package of the latest achievements of the open systems physics, techniques of electromagnetic wave process control, nanotechnologies, etc. This is an eco-friendly, hi-tech method of  health beneficial impact on the body based on the resonance technique.

This method recovers the functional balance by acting on the organism with its own maximum harmonized electromagnetic radiation.  The dynamic balance of various oscillatory (wave) processes is maintained in the organism when the health sustaining physiological functions are normal, while the pathological conditions cause the marked impairments of the main physiological processes cycling.

The developed to this method products, being wide-band, spatiotemporal coherent converters (Fourier filter), restructure the oscillations of electromagnetic fields (background, anthropogenic, biological) through decomposing them into harmonic components (forward Fourier transform), and integrate them into a pattern of harmonized characteristics (inverse Fourier transform).

In this case, the therapeutic effect occurs both at the subcellular level, and at the level of an organ, the system of organs, and the whole organism.

This method does not heat tissues, which places it among “the treatment and prevention factors” of “objective intensity”.

Depending on a density of the topological pattern of the electromagnetic field that controls the process, scale and volume thereof, the resonance method may differ by the impact depth.  At that, there is no need to select a frequency mode or a signal form as this process is automatic due to the coherent conversion of the object’s own electromagnetic radiation.

In the course of correction, the structural transformations are fast and cover rather a wide range of frequency parameters, including almost all systems of the organism, which clearly contributes to a high level of individual adaptivity and unavailable negative side effects.