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It is used to stabilize the human organism’s functional state upon exposure to negative factors of the environment and after stresses, diseases, operations etc.

Aires Defender Infinity forms a field with a fractal structure (hologram), which, in its turn, in the near-field region is capable of similar spatial and time amplitude – frequency counter harmonization of external electromagnetic fields, interacting therewith, as a special zone, resonating with adjacent wave fronts, including biological cells’ own radiation, thus initiating counter harmonization of properties thereof.

Topology pattern, applied on the surface of the product, using Immersion Gold technology, operates as a cavity antenna.

Two such patterns made of a conductive material and separated by a seal make a capacitor. The source of a charge generation is external background radiation (natural and anthropogenic one). Upon an excessive charge accumulation (polarization) it is automatically redistributed to Aires microprocessor which uses the received impulse to initiate generation of the coherently transformed field in the form of a hologram – a stationary spatial and time matrix (controlling field) of regularly alternating maximums and minimums.

Defender infinity includes 2 Aires microprocessors, comprising 9 cores with 8-vector fractal pattern. Microprocessors are rotated 45% relative to one another, which enables to generate a spherical hologram with a unique interaction pattern.

Defender does not disturb or perturb operation of transmitters and receivers or any other technical devices.

Aires Defender Infinity is the size of a standard credit card, it has a modern design and is ergonomic and convenient to use. You can put it into your pocket, purse, wallet, etc. It is recommended to use a protective case.

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