Treatment and Prevention of Diseases

Protection From Electromagnetic Radiation

Matrix offers Health Matrix, a revolutionary complex health preserving technology developed by AIRES Foundation of New Medical Technologies Development. The project is a result of over 20 years of studies and clinical testing performed by AIRES Foundation in the leading scientific and health facilities of the Russian Federation. The main area of Matrix’s activity is sale of unparalleled high-tech health products. The products are manufactured by Aires Technologies Scientific and Production Association by order of Matrix.

Over 15 years of presence in the market the Company has travelled a challenging road of formation. The experience we have gained, implemented solutions, and developed promising projects allow us to feel confident about our future. The Company’s strategy
  • In 2000 we started to implement the project on creation of a fundamentally new health preserving method under the Health Matrix brand. As part of the project we developed and introduced a series of special Resonance Biocorrection products, influencing bioactive points of human organism.
  • This project is a result of long-term studies and various tests aimed at evaluation of the resonance method efficiency and prospects of further development, which were performed in the most recognized independent medical and biological institutions. Over that period the Company’s research team fulfilled unparalleled number of different monitoring and laboratory tests, which enabled to create the unrivaled method of coordination of all organism’s vital systems.
  • In the course of investigation, a number of phenomenal effects was revealed, which make it possible to implement previously unknown technological solutions to correct human organism’s state. Within the method the Company generated a row of extremely important concepts, enabling a crucial change of the approach to treatment and prevention of a wide range of diseases.
  • The Company conducts large-scale marketing studies to determine market potential and specifics for Health Matrix products in different regions of the world. Specific traits of national character in different countries imply adjustment of relevant marketing efforts according to the actual social structure, predominant in different regions or countries.
  • Obtained results will enable to optimize the Company’s global marketing strategy with regard to the specific consumer within the universal social and economic experience.
  • The Company’s strategy provides for search and engagement of exclusive distributors in different regions and for the establishment of a dealership network therein.
  • Distributors and dealers, who are knowledgeable about markets of the specific region or country, develop marketing and advertizing campaigns to promote the products.
  • In its turn, the Company is ready to support relevant advertizing actions, providing an interested party with necessary information, related to studies and trials, performed in appropriate scientific organizations, visual materials, articles and brochures, which are to be adjusted subject to a specific character of a local market by representatives of the regional dealership network.
  • Introduction of subsequent products from Health Matrix chain to the market is strategically classified information and it will be performed as soon as the marketing results are obtained and regional markets are developed subject to an agreement with the representatives of distributorship and dealership networks.
  • If a consistently high demand is reached in a certain region, the Company may consider possible optimization of logistical costs.
  • All the Company’s developments are its intellectual property and shall not be transferred to any persons without relevant legal papers, stipulated in international practices. The Company has its own high-tech know-how, confirmed by 13 patents.
  • The Company’s management deems it possible to launch Health Matrix products on the international market in the years to come ; the adequate financial and administrative resources and relevant science and technology base have been arranged thereto.
  • All this makes it possible to supply extremely urgent market needs in modern high-tech methods of people’s health optimization as soon as possible.